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The S-Zero Geologia Ltda was founded in 2004, has worked in Brazil and abroad, mainly related to the steel industry and mineral exploration (iron, manganese, chromium, nickel, copper, magnesite, quartz, dimension stones and ceramics).


The acquired experience guarantee to the clients excellent conditions of price, time and quality.









Human resources

We are looking for professionals and trainees to join our team.

  • Please send us your personal presentation and CV by email.







Serra do Castanhão Ricardo 06032008 008




Mineral exploration

  • Geoprocessing and digital cartography;

  • Geological mapping;

  • Resources evaluation;

  • Drilling campaign management and supervising;

  • Drilling core logging and interpretation;

  • Due diligence support.

  • Terrestrial magnetometry;

DNPM and legal advising

  • Processes: start and maintenance;

  • Final research reports compilation;

  • Strategic studies.



Physical tests

  • Density tests;

  • Undisturbed sampling.






Environmental licensing

  • EIA/RIMA, PCA/RCA, PRAD, RADA and AAF elaboration.

  • Hydroeletrics, mining, steel industry,  automotive and food industry, roads, railroads, ducts and transmission lines.




Phone: 55 (31) 3293.3273            e-mail: contato@szerogeologia.com.br

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